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Conference and PhD. workshop

Conference and PhD. workshop organized by the Nordic Association for South Asian Studies in Helsinki 27.-29.5. 2010

India has been increasingly incorporated into the global economy since its economic reforms. At the same time, South Asian countries have started to revive their economic co-operation. Throughout the region, communication systems have also improved vastly. Although South Asian societies are changing, many features of local cultures show continuity – not as unchangable but as new interpretations.

Bustling trade relations with the other regions is, however, no new phenomenon in South Asia. If globalization is regarded as the movement and supply of goods, services and knowledge across borders, South Asia is one of the earliest globalized economies in world history.

The international conference Globalizing South Asia brings scholars from different fields (history, anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, environmental science, development studies and politics) together to analyze cultural, economic, political and environmental connections in South Asia. How does the history of South Asia´s translocal connections help us understand present day globalization? How are global political, economic, and environmental processes impacting South Asia and what are the local responses? What kind of cultural dynamism does the increase in translocal connections produce?

We invite contributions which take into account the broader context of local issues concerning culture and society in globalizing South Asia, both empirically and theoretically.  The conference is organized by the Nordic Association for South Asian studies, and we welcome both Nordic and non-Nordic scholars. The conference is meant to stimulate networking and exchange, and to create a forum for discussions for scholars and doctoral students within and outside the Nordic countries. We aim to publish a peer-reviewed volume of selected papers after the conference.