People and contact


More inclusive descriptions can be found from the Digital Geography Lab webpage.

Tuuli ToivonenTuhat_profiilikuva

  • Leader of both research projects
  • PhD, Professor (tenure) in Geoinformatics, Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki
  • (University researcher, Biodiversity Conservation Informatics Group, Department of Biosciences, University of Helsinki)
  • tuuli.toivonen(a)

Maria Salonen

  • PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Research topics: Flexible and multi-modal accessibility indicators in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area; Potential accessibility impacts of future urban mobility systems; Accessibility in the Peruvian Amazonia
  • maria.salonen(a)

Olle Järv

  • PhD, post-doctoral researcher
  • Research topics: Human Spatio-temporal mobility, Urban Geography, Accessibility, Mobile phone data
  • olle.jarv(a)

Henrikki Tenkanen

  • Project researcher
  • M.Sc., PhD student
  • Research topics: Spatio-temporal patterns of Amazonian river transport and accessibility: comprehensive knowledge by continuous GPS-tracking; Modern spatial data sources in accessibility studies and urban planning: Social media and mobile data
  • henrikki.tenkanen(a)

Vuokko HeikinheimoVuokko

  • Project researcher
  • M.Sc.
  • Research topics: User-generated spatial data, human-environment interactions, the use of social media data for conservation science and practice
  • vuokko.heikinheimo(a)

Jaani Lahtinen

  • Project researcher
  • M.Sc., PhD student
  • Research topics: Accessibility and local service provision; Influence of accessibility on library customer flows; Spatial allocation of local sport facilities- an accessibility approach

Joona Repo

  • M.Sc. student
  • Research topics: Long term changes in the accessibility of services – libraries as an example

Ainokaisa Tarnanen

  • M.Sc. student
  • Research topics: Accessibility by bike in the Helsinki Region

Elias Willberg

  • M.Sc. student
  • Research topics: City bikes as part of public transport in Helsinki


  • A new M.Sc. student?
  • If you are interested in accessibility questions and would like to do your Master´s Thesis as a part of our research project, please contact Tuuli, Maria, or Henrikki.



Maaria Mäntyniemi

  • M.Sc. student
  • Research topics: Accessibility of sports facilities

Perttu Saarsalmi

  • Research assistant
  • M.Sc.
  • Research topic: Spatio-temporal accessibility to grocery stores in the greater Helsinki area

Hanna Käyhkö

  • M.Sc. student
  • Research topic: Spatio-temporal accessibility of elderly people in Helsinki Region.

Sakari Jäppinen

  • Research assistant
  • M. Sc.
  • Research topics: Cyclists´perspective on accessibility; city bikes as a part of the public transportation system  in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Timo Jaakkola

  • M. Sc. student, research assistant
  • Research topics:  Modeling realistic travel times by car – enhancing impedance values for road network data and introducing parking as a part of the total travel time


Juha Järvi, Busfaster Oy

Matti Lattu, Center of Information Techology, University of Helsinki