One more stop: Uppsala 26.-27.9.2011!

The aerosol train makes a stop in the late September in Uppsala, Sweden. The lectures have been considerably updated with new exciting science – so even those who attended the predecessors of the aerosol train lectures in Stockholm University at 2008 are more than welcome to join to see the fruit of their good questions and comments!

The course is free of charge, registrations to Olle Björneholm

We are looking forward to seeing you in Uppsala September 26th and 27th!


After two weeks of travel we are home again. It was another magnificent two weeks – many scientific and philosophical discussions, beautiful sights, impressive labs and great hosts. One of the best things though was the feeling of doing something unique and out of ordinary in science – at least in our field – with a great compagnion. Thanks, Hanna!

Met Mephisto in Leipzig

Last day of lectures on the aerosol train starting in Leipzig. Yesterday we found a marvellous toy shop,
went to a bar above Auerbachs Keller where I guess Mephisto himself- assisted with a very stylish bartender- lured us to drink champange. Wolfram kindly invited us to have dinner at his place, we had a great evening. Wolfram even donated a just-after- reunification railway map of Germany to me- brilliant.

From Prague to Leipzig

We went running also this morning, and thanks to a map bought yesterday saw an amazing view over the Vltava river. After lecturing was assisted by nice “wedding cookies” provided by Vladja. Dining in the restaurant car in a Hungarian train from Prague to Dresden was kind of and experience with the waiter not too sober. In Dresden, which we sadly did not have time to see, we boarded a clinically perfect German ICE train- look at the photo of the train maniacs dream view from the tail of the train. Well, seeing the same view from the front of the train is even a bigger dream. Leipzig magnificent railway station-shopping centre, is second only to St Pancras in London in combining old and new. I remember this city well from EAC2001.

Prague autumn…

…is almost like spring since we have travelled south enough to hit summery weather- at least it feels so for us northeners. We both went running around the institute area this morning, very enjoyable.
Just like Guinness in Dublin, Pilsner Urquell is best experienced here. Bacon wrapped plums and local honey cake are also recommended. Sadly realized too late that today is the Slavia- Sparta Prague football derby, I wonder whether it would have been possible to get tickets… well there is TV as a consolation. For our host Jiri’s sake I hope Slavia can maintain the 1-0 lead (49 minutes played).

Arrived in Prague- just about

Travels guides do not always understand my mindset very well- more trumpet should be blown about a vast disused airport in the middle of a major city- Tempelhof. Once the vital for West Berlin during the airlift, now
runway area converted to a park, impressive 1920’s and 1930’s buildings- the scale is enormous. Fleamarket in the Mauerpark nearly made us miss the train to Prague, the margin was about 2 minutes. But here we are, after enjoying splendid scenery along river Elbe while eating in a very nice Czech restaurant car.

Without worries in Potsdam

Potsdam offers Sanssouci place gardens, a vast collection of royal Prussian fancies in grand scale, topped with second world war and cold war memorabilia. My top three is 1) potatoes from grateful Germans on Frederick the Great’s grave 2) Cecilienhof- mock Tudor palace from 1916 , when Germany was at war against Britain, but the royalty still admired everything English… 3) City walls that were not protecting from the enemy, but keeping soldiers in the garrison town from deserting

Arrived for a weekend in Berlin

Stayed the night at Merete’s near Copenhagen, we thank her and her family for hospitality- and laundry service. Ismo and Theo also popped in and we had some great laughs, sadly did not manage to persuade them to spend a weekend in Berlin.

This day started with a 7 hour train trip from Copenhagen to Berlin, including the Rødby-Puttgarden train ferry. Swordfish in an Italian restaurant in Schöneberg that I have, curiously enough, been to before. The meal involved also decorating tree pictures with colour pencils- very fitting entertainment for us. As is the 90 minute Alan Shearer interview on BBC 5 live website that I’m listening to now.

Rain and sunshine in Copenhagen

After an early morning we arrived at Copenhagen and the second day of the Lund-Copenhagen trip is almost over. We are looking forward to catching up with old Finnish friends (there seem to be many here) and staying with Merete. Tomorrow morning we will head to Berlin for a well-deserved weekend.

Arrived in Lund

The visit to Gothenburg was very nicely organised by the locals, thanks especially to Eva. We had great audience and understood the thermodynamics of fast moving lids much better with their help- this will be put to use also at my thermophysics lectures.
Still not completely sure why the vapour does not want to be too dense, what is wrong with it?
Do the molecules have hermit habits so that they get oppressed if they meet others too often? How can the same molecules want to turn into liquid? Help!

Failed to see the X2000 train, since a replacement train took us to Lund. One master thesis read through, found acceptable, minor comments typed into an email, promised material send to a colleague in Gothenburg- I deserve a bath!