Changes in what we teach

Teaching at our university is going through big changes. Both the BSc and MSc programmes are being updated, as well as to some extent offer of course and their contents. I will continue teaching the same subjects, but all courses starting from the Autumn of 2017 will be expanded to 5 credits. Some of the courses that I have been teaching every year, I will in the future teach every other year.

All my courses will continue to be based on a combination of different activities and emphasize the acquisition of both general and subject-specific problem-solving skills over the memorization of information. Evaluation will take into account diverse activities together with a “take-home” final assignment.

The colour of light reflected by plants

Last summer I took some photographs with the help of my son Tomás. These photographs illustrate the colour of the light reflected by plants. They were taken with a digital camera (Olympus E-510, 50 mm f 1:2 objective) mounted on a tripod on a day with broken clouds in the sky. The FR photograph was taken with an optical “IR” pass filter that blocks all visible light (Wavelengths of less than 720 nm). The RED, BLUE and GREEN filtered ïmages are just the three channels of the sensor of the camera selected in post processing from an image taken without an optical filter. These four images are displayed in greyscale. The unfiltered colour image is also included for comparison.

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