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RSS in Plain English

Did you know? Subscribing to a news feed is a handy way to follow updates on blogs, without having to visit each of them separately (possibly quite many) in order to see if there’s updates.

That way you can stay up to date on a specific area, or follow a course blog or the discussion there.

See introduction at YouTube:

Additional information: What is RSS? and A Beginner’s Guide to RSS and Google Reader. See also instructions in Finnish.

Short breaks during the summer

The blog service may encounter short breaks during the summer. They will last few minutes and are caused by problems of the server. Occasional “The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request” messages may exist too. Messages will leave by refreshing/reloading the page.

Problems will cease in the end of summer when the blog service is moved to a new server.

Blogs in Plain English

There’s a nice introductory video at YouTube about blogs as a personal publishing and communication tool.

Tutorials in English

Our support wiki so far has tutorials only in Finnish. If you need tutorials in English, you should see official WordPress-documentation:


More instructions are coming soon. Meanwhile you can find help on getting started from the official WordPress docs and forums. If you get stuck, want a blog for a course or a project or to report a bug contact