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CryoEM core facility

Biocenter Finland / HiLIFE / Instruct-FI National facility for Cryo Electron-microscopy

Open to both academic and commercial users
Situated in the Institute of Biotechnology in the University of Helsinki
Managed by Sarah Butcher

Service Poster

Part of: Biocenter Finland, Hilife and Instruct-FI.


Microscope Engineer for external projects Pasi Laurinmäki 02941 59502

Research Assistant for external projects Benita Löflund 02941 59502

Instructions how to start a new project (22.5.2017):

1.Contact Pasi or Benita (grp-cryoemservice at helsinki dot fi), or the Instruct-Fi coordinators (Hanna Oksanen, Katri Eskelin – first name dot last name at helsinki dot fi).

2. Have a kickoff meeting.

3.Fill in an application form for a new project. This will help scientific review of your project. If accepted, you will receive a unique ID that you will use for reservations, samples etc. Project sheet Cryo-EM-Unit

4.Once sample delivery has been agreed, fill in the eform for sample delivery using your unique identifier. This will be used for billing, so keep the number to yourself. Link to Eform

5. Samples are brought to Biocenter 1, EM unit floor and delivered to Pasi Laurinmäki or Benita Löflund at an agreed date and time.

6. Samples are made and images are collected and delivered to the customer.

7. Billing is 3 times a year.

Diamond Light Source/iNEXT Cryo specimen preparation course 2017The course was a great success, We aim to run a similar course in Helsinki in summer  2017 for the ILS graduate programme

Course dates: 28-30th August 2017 Cryo-specimen preparation course (12 PhD students from ILS; upto 3 additional external participants with fee of 400€ to cover materials and instructors; does not include accommodation or meals)

Course dates: 30th August- 1st September 2017 Cryo-EM image processing course (12 PhD students from ILS; upto 3 additional external participants with fee of 400€ to cover materials and instructors; does not include accommodation or meals)

NEW: FEI Talos Artica transmission electron microscope with phase plate and direct electron detector (Falcon 3)  installed April 2017.


1) project planning and assessment

2) courses in structural biology, cryo electron microscopy and image reconstruction (Introductory lecture course each September), short advanced courses

3) sample optimisation and preparation with a
Leica vitrification robot EM GP
capable of temperature and humidity control.

Manual vitrification guillotine in biosafety laboratory level 2

Linkam-Zeiss correlative fluorescence light microscopy  for vitrified specimens. This can be used to detect fluorescence in vitrified specimens prior to their being put in the EM. The region of interest can then be rapidly located in the EM for instance to use in electron tomography.

4) Cryo-electron microscopy on an
FEI Artica  equipped with a Falcon III direct electron detector camera and FEI phase plate. Data can be transferred to the CSC Ltd for processing of frames, or returned on a USB drive.FEI Talos Arctica

and on an FEI tecnai F20 with Gatan Ultrascan CCD camera
using gatan 626, gatan 914 (high tilt tomography) and oxford CT3500 cryoholders.

5) advice on image reconstruction

6) collaborative projects

7) PRICE LIST 2017


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Recent users:

Christa Nilsson, University of Copenhagen

Mecki Burmester Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki

Vitaly Khlebnikov, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

Jens-Ola Ekström, University of Umeå

Erno Karjalainen, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

Sami Hirvonen, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

Szymon Wiktorowicz, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

Petri Susi, Turku University of Applied Sciences

Juha Vahokoski, University of Oulu

Salla Ruskamo, University of Oulu

Marian Sedlak, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Vesa Hytönen, Institute of Biomedical Technology, University of Tampere

Arto Urtti, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki

Alexander Bilibin, St. Petersburg State University

Sarah Butcher, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

Eija Jokitalo, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

Dennis Bamford, Institute of Biotechnology, University of Helsinki

Paavo Kinnunen, Biomedicum, University of Helsinki

Heikki Tenhu, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki

Juha Huiskonen, University of Oxford

Varpu Marjomäki, University of Jyväskylä

Marjo Yli-Perttula, University of Helsinki

Ville Paavilainen, University of Helsinki

Carlotta Glackin, City of Hope, CA, USA