Welcome to the website of the research project Who is Who in Security? Gender Perspectives on Civil-Military Relations in Changing Security Environment (GENCIMIL).

This project explores the gendered interaction between the military and the civilian society in Finland, and more broadly in Nordic context. Changes in global security environment after the Cold War pose new and unfamiliar challenges; new security threats such as environmental catastrophes, international crime and terrorism are challenging the primacy of traditional military threats in national defence policies.

There has been a shift from defence to security on the level of discourses, policies and institutions. This has not meant only blurring of boundaries between civilians and the military, but also a rise of a new division of work. What does this mean in terms of gendered power and hierarchies? Is total defence an inclusive project in a sense that it sustains democratic processes? Or is it an exclusive elite masculinist project that reproduces gendered divisions of work and interests in the field of (inter)national security?


Dr Johanna Valenius (project manager), Dr Teemu Tallberg (assistant project manager) Department of Political and Economic Studies
P.O.Box 54, 00014 University of Helsinki
email: johanna.valenius(at) / teemu.tallberg(at)