Reflections by students in 2012

Please, read the selected students’ reflections. There were several good reflections but I do think that these reflection papers give important addition information as well as good examples how you could reflect on lectures. They have written these so that there are view key issues presented by lectures as well as students’ own thinking, experiences and additional literature related to these key issues.

Reflections Aino 16.3.2012

Reflections Joni 16.3.2012

Reflection Liisa 16.3.2012

Reflections Manoj 16.3.2012

Reflection Alejandra 23.3.2012

Reflection Amaranta 23.3.2012

Reflection Katariina 23.3.2012

Reflection Laura 23.3.2012

Reflection Camille 27.3.2012

Reflection Larri 27.3.2012

Reflection Salla 27.3.2012

Reflection Sarri 27.3.2012

Reflections Anastasiia 30.3.2012

Reflections Marie 30.3.2012

Reflections Minna 30.3.2012

Reflections Zuzana 30.3.2012

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