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090420081942The Finnish Graduate School in Development Studies (Devestu)  develops and teaches theoretical and methodological approaches needed in studying development interventions. Students will be encouraged to base their theses on field work in developing countries.The school organizes seminars, courses and workshops and provides personal supervision for postgraduate students. The working language of the school is English. The school has an extensive network of collaborating institutions in Europe and developing countries.

Devestu brings together eight departments from five Finnish universities and is coordinated by the Department of Political and Economic Studies/Development Studies at the University of Helsinki.

The Graduate School was established with the support of the Ministry of Education to consolidate doctoral level training and supervision in the study of global development issues. The school launched its activities in January 2003 with the intake of five post-graduate students. Devestu doctorands are generally guaranteed four years of full-time funding for their thesis projects. Funding for the Graduate School is presently secure until the end of 2015. In addition Devestu accommodates other postgraduate students as so-called status students.