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Students 2012

Henni Alava 2013-2015

PhD topic: Exploring politics in ‘post-conflict’ Northern Uganda

Research interests: Northern Uganda, humanitarianism, post-conflict reconstruction, security/development, Christian churches and faith-based organizations, political theology, ethnography.

Minna Mayer (www) 2012-2015

PhD topic: Meteorological capacity of the developing nations and its support through development cooperation: case of Finland

Research interests: development cooperation, development aid, climate change and politics, development statistics, external debt, EU development policy

Katono Ouma 2012-2015

PhD topic: The gender implications of land acquisitions in Yala Swamp Area, Kenya

Research interests: Gender, Land rights, Development economics, Commercial agriculture

Päivi Pirkkalainen 2012

PhD topic: Somali diaspora associations and development of the country of origin

Research interests: migrant associations, migration-development nexus, Horn of Africa

Eija Ranta (www) 2012

PhD topic: In the Name of Good Life: The Politics of Indigenous ideas in the Bolivian State Transformation Process

Research interests: Indigenous peoples, social movements, state formation, development policy, ethnography of aid

Sirpa Rovaniemi (www) 2012

PhD topic: The interplay of the traditions of voluntarism and development aid in Uttarakhand, India

Research interests: Indian civil society, NGO development co-operation, anthropology of development

Virpi Salojärvi 2012

PhD topic: Freedom of expression in transition – the role of media and democracy in Venezuela during President Chavez’s regime

Research interests: political communication, democracy, Venezuela

Ilona Steiler 2013

Princewill Tafor (www) 2012

PhD topic: Health Financing through Micro Insurance in Cameroon: A Prelude to Universalism

Research interests: Africa’s development challenges, Health and Governance issues


Status students 2013

Mahdi Abdile

Hanna Alasuutari

Possibilities of intercultural co-operation in the education sector development aid programme in the Global South, case of Zambia

Marie Boilard

‘Competing Visions of Development’, conceptual continuity and change in development at the UN in light of global political struggles and controversies underlying the meaning and use of the concept in world politics

Bidemi Coker

Negotiating informal housing in Southern megacities

Chantal Denbroeder

Tomato value chain in Ghana, with specific focus on the institutional dimension of the Global Value Chain (GCC) theory

Anisa Doty

“Development as Building Peace -Or Not” Case study on Finnish-Nepali bilateral development project in conflict affected Far Western Nepal

Adballa Duh

Transnational Islamic NGOs and Development: Conflict or Cooperation? Case: Northeastern Kenya and Puntland region of Somalia

Rebecca Frilund

Adaptation and Migration among the Tibetan refugees in India

Minna Hakkarainen

Martti Hanna

Anni Heikkilä

Microcredit in Uganda

Johanna Hietalahti

Erja Hänninen

Politics of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Nepal

Ermina Martini

Local participation and accountability in fragile states, case of Haiti

Lalli Metsola

Saija Niemi

Southern Sudanese forced migration movements within Sudan, to Uganda, Egypt and Finland

Milla Nyyssölä

“Essays on vulnerability and Poverty”, dynamics behind the development of inequality and vulnerability in the developing world

Mari-Anne Okkolin

Highly Educated Women in Tanzania – Opportunities and Constraints for Constructing Educational Agency

Henri Onodera

Lived experiences of young pro-democracy activists in contemporary Egypt

Tapio Pyysalo

Katarina Sehm-Patomäki

Marikki Stocchetti

Laura Torvinen

Joni Valkila

Impacts of Fair Trade coffee certification on cooperatives, farmers and labor in Nicaragua

Gutu Olana Wayessa

Displacement and Resettlement: The Livelihoods of Resettlers and Hosts in Western Oromia, Ethiopia

Petra Voionmaa

The political economy of regional economic integration in West Africa: Understanding its implications for EU development cooperation


Students 2011

Toni Haapanen (www)

Johanna Hietalahti (www)
Microcredit; South Africa

Saija Niemi
Refugees; Sudan

Henri Onodera (www)
Political subjectivity; Social anthropology; Egypt

Eija Ranta-Owusu (www)
Development policy; Social anthropology; Bolivia

Ali Qadir

Sirpa Rovaniemi (www)

Princewill Tafor (www)

Gutu Olana Wayessa (www)
Resettlement studies; Ethiopia