How to apply

Since 1.1.2014 all doctoral students at the University of Helsinki belong to some doctoral programme. Applying to the doctoral programme thus can refer to two things:

  • applying for a funded position as a doctoral student in the programme
  • applying for the right to pursue a postgraduate degree

Funded positions

There are currently no open funded positions. The next call for funded positions will most probably be in September 2017.

Applying for study right

The formal requirements of the application and the application form can be found on the pages of the Faculty of Science. The application process goes as follows:

1. The applicant

  • finds himself/herself a supervisor. A list of supervisors in the programme can be found under the Contact tab. The research page of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics may also be helpful.
  • writes an application according to the faculty’s requirements
    Note that the application should have the following enclosures

    • research plan
    • funding plan on how postgraduate studies will be financially supported
    • a copy of the degree certificate, if the Master’s degree is completed in a university other than the University of Helsinki

    Students who have completed their master’s degree outside Finland should also include

    • an officially certified copy of the Master’s degree diploma
    • the transcript of records (indicating the grading scale of the institution)
    • the abstract of Master’s thesis
    • a language certificate
  • submits the application to the coordinator who will take it to the board for approval

2. The doctoral programme

  • evaluates the quality of the application
  • proposes accepting/rejecting the application to the faculty

3. Faculty administration

  • based on the statement of the Doctoral programme, prepares the decision of granting/rejecting the right to pursue a doctoral degree

4. The faculty dean

  • makes the decision of granting/rejecting the applicant the right to pursue a doctoral degree at the faculty

5. Faculty administration

  • informs the applicant and the Doctoral programme of the Dean’s decision
  • implements the Dean’s decision
  • stores the application in the faculty’s archive