Flinga is an online-based white-board, particularly suited for constructive knowledge building and activating students during contact teaching sessions. Because Flinga works through a web browser, you can use Flinga with an internet browser on a computer, tablet, or a mobile phone, as long as you have access to the internet available. University of Helsinki students, faculty, and staff have login access to a special Campus version of Flinga, which includes three different tools.

  • Flinga Whiteboard enables collaborative building of mindmaps and visual grouping of messages in various ways that fit the pedagogical purpose of the lesson.
  • Flinga Wall is an easy-to-use message board, where sent messages can be organized either chronologically or according to the number of “likes” they have received.
  • Flinga Activities includes step-by-step pedagogical scripts that can be completed with your lesson materials and published directly from this function. The Activities page showcases pedagogical scenarios that can serve as inspiration for designing your own Flinga sessions.

Flinga is available for all students, faculty, and staff at the University of Helsinki. You can create and manage Flinga-sessions at hy.flinga.fi. However, you should guide the participants to access Flinga at edu.flinga.fi and provide them with an access code which is automatically generated by Flinga for each of your sessions.

  • Login to Flinga
  • Questions about Flinga? Please email: edutech@helsinki.fi
  • Addition to Flinga tutorials: Note that in some mobile devices, you need to first click SEND button to view the Flinga message tools, including the text box to write your message in.