Second hand shopping

Second hand shopping

Here is a list of some flea markets and second hand shops in Helsinki. Great if you need furniture, costume party clothes or cheap plates or forks for your place.


Has several stores in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Cheap prices on furniture, books (also English ones) clothes, and basically everything you might need. They have a permanent student discount on everything (20 % off).

Hietalahti market square

In hietalahti. Open everyday (in winter season closed on Sundays). Anyone can rent a table which also means they sell just about anything from design plates for tourists to cheap dvds and clothes.

UFF (check ´myymälät’ for addresses of the shops)

Second hand chain with six shops in Helsinki. They only have clothes and can be a bit more expensive since they give the money to charity, but you can find some cool stuff. They also have sales weeks when they will sell everything for 7 euros or less the first day and then 6 euros, 5 euros, 4 euros etc the following days.

– Fida lähetystori

Has clothes and a lot of things as well. Also gives money to charity. They have four shops in Helsinki.

– KALLIO (and Vallila, Harju) Area with lots of smaller second hand shops. Stroll around and have a look yourselves.

– Site with flea markets and second hand shops in Finland (currently only in Finnish, but there is a map where they are all marked)