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Notes on Contributors

The Electronic Journal of the Department of English
at the University of Helsinki

ISSN 1457-9960

Volume2, 2002

Corpora in Today’s English Studies


W. Robert Cooper received his M.A. in French and Russian from the University of Cambridge and a diploma in applied linguistics from the University of Manchester. He has taught in Britain, Spain and Algeria, and is at present Lecturer in English (language and literature) at the University of Tampere. He has published articles on contrastive linguistics and bilingualism, and university teaching materials. He is currently developing a bilingual computer corpus of Finnish and English.

Mikko Laitinen completed his Masters thesis on the usage of epicene pronouns in Present-day English in 2000. He is currently working in Sociolinguistics and Language History research group compiling the Corpus of Early English Correspondence Extension and Supplement. His research interests include corpus linguistics, personal and indefinite pronouns, indefinite and non-specific expressions, and normative grammars.

Anna Mauranen is Professor at the English Department, University of Tampere. In addition to corpus linguistics, her research interests include academic writing and translation studies.

Kirsti Peitsara received her PhD. in English Philology from the University of Helsinki in 1983. She has been teaching at the University of Helsinki since 1965. Her research interests include English and Scottish popular ballads (the so-called Child ballads), English diachrony and dialectology, her publications being mainly in the latter two fields. She is currently leading a project for completing the Helsinki Corpus of British English Dialects.

Carla Suhr completed her M.A. in English Philology at the University of Helsinki in 2001. Currently on maternity leave, she will return to start working on her Ph.D., which will continue with the topic of witchcraft pamphlets.

Anna-Liisa Vasko holds a LicPhil degree in English from the University of Helsinki, and is currently working on her PhD. As a member of the Research Unit for Variation and Change in English, her research activity is in the area of dialectology, 20th-century dialect speech being her main interest. She is also employed as a full-time English teacher outside the University.

Anni Vuorinen has completed her thesis and will be awarded her M.A. degree in English philology in spring 2002. She is currently working as an undergraduate research assistant at the Research Unit for Variation and Change in English at the University of Helsinki, in the project of Sociolinguistics and Language History.