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Food, culture and learning (responsible professor Päivi Palojoki), major subject education


The research group Food, culture and learning is focusing on subject didactic questions related to the teaching of home economics at various cultural settings. Teaching and learning are studied especially in formal situations, such as the classroom, but also in informal learning environments, such as homes or amongst NGO-activities. The multi-methodological research is applying both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Of particular interest to the research group are questions related to teaching and learning in relation to food choice and nutrition education, as well as issues related to multicultural school, culturally responsive teacher education, school meals, teachers skills to do multi-subject cooperation at the school level. Adult education is also a key research area since many graduate students teach at vocational education institutions as well as upper secondary level education.


The aim of our research is to create appropriate conditions for good education and learning. In order to achieve this, our research group aims to develop teacher education programmes and curricula as well as pedagogical learning and teaching processes related to home economics. Our research group has actively promoted national and international research co-operation, participated in discussions on the research findings, consulted, and tutored researchers and other experts in the field, and organised expert meetings, seminars and symposiums.


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