CEACG-seminar 13.12.

The CEACG is organising a seminar on St. Lucy’s Day, the 13th of December, presenting some current work and celebrating the beginning of the holiday season. The topic of the seminar is the welfare state as a backdrop and a framework for gambling policy, alcohol policy and mental health policy in Europe and in Finland. The seminar, which will be held in Finnish, is open to colleagues, cooperation partners, and other friends of the CEACG.

Please register no later than 9 December.

More information and full programme can be found here. Welcome!

New study on masculinity among online gamers

The media discussion surrounding digital gaming tends to be risk- and problem-oriented. For example, computer video gaming has been depicted as causing mental health problems and reducing social competence and cognition. Such public concerns are often heavily gendered by emphasizing how young boys lose out due to their gaming habits.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) involve long term intense social bonds between male players. Still, there is not much knowledge on how masculinity constructs work as glue in these game communities. A new CEACG-study investigates masculine identities in applications (N=210) for community membership of a MMORPG community in Finland.

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Pekka Sulkunen festivities


Over 100 colleagues, students and friends attended Pekka Sulkunen’s farewell seminar and reception on 30 August to celebrate Pekka’s long and successful career in academia. The Festschrift in his honour is now also available online.