New study on masculinity among online gamers

The media discussion surrounding digital gaming tends to be risk- and problem-oriented. For example, computer video gaming has been depicted as causing mental health problems and reducing social competence and cognition. Such public concerns are often heavily gendered by emphasizing how young boys lose out due to their gaming habits.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) involve long term intense social bonds between male players. Still, there is not much knowledge on how masculinity constructs work as glue in these game communities. A new CEACG-study investigates masculine identities in applications (N=210) for community membership of a MMORPG community in Finland.

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New director of the CEACG


Matilda Hellman is taking over the lead of the CEACG-group starting August. Hellman has served as the group’s vice director since its formation in the beginning of 2011.

─ The group is unique seen in the Finnish, Nordic and international context. There is really no research center that studies control and governance-aspects of lifestyle-related behavior and policies in the ways that the CEACG-group does, explains Hellman.

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Pekka Sulkunen’s farewell seminar on 30 August, 2016

A farewell lecture and seminar for Pekka Sulkunen at his departure for retirement from the office of Professor of Sociology at the University of Helsinki will take place on the 30th of August 2016. The event will be held at 14-16 pm in the SSKH Festsal, Snellmaninkatu 12, 1st floor.

The title of Professor Sulkunen’s lecture is “Where Did I Go Wrong? Democracy and the Problem of Lifestyle Regulation in the Age of Agency”.

Professor Robin Room from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, Senior Researcher Unni Kjaernes from the National Institute for Consumer Research, Norway, and University Lecturer Matilda Hellman, University of Tampere, will present ongoing research related to Professor Sulkunen’s lecture.

‘Beyond the Sociological Imagination’ – A book for Pekka Sulkunen

Pekka Sulkunen, Professor of sociology at the University of Helsinki since 2000, is retiring from his post in July 2016. In honour of his remarkable work as a professor and researcher, his friends, colleagues and former students have edited a festschrift which pieces together personal recollections, methodological observations and theoretical insights from different parts Pekka’s long and diverse research career.

In the book a total of 26 colleagues from all parts of the world share their memories, theories and notions of Pekka’s thematic interests such as European drinking cultures, the urban pub, semiotic methodology and images theory of addiction. The chapters of the book illustrate the huge impact Pekka has had on Pekan kirjaFinnish sociology but also on the international community of alcohol and consumption researchers, among which Pekka continues to be a key figure.

Pekka will give his last lecture as a University Professor on 30th of August at 14-16 pm in the SSKH Festsal, Snellmaninkatu 12, 1st floor. The title of the lecture is “Where Did I Go Wrong? Democracy and the Problem of Lifestyle Regulation in the Age of Agency”

The festschrift (15 €) can be ordered from Anu Katainen,

The book is edited by Matilda Hellman, Anu Katainen, Anna Alanko, Michael Egerer and Anja Koski-Jännes

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Culture, consumption and gambling at the Sosiologipäivät

The yearly Finnish Sociologists’ days — an important ‘get together’ for sociologists – is held in Jyväskylä this week.
While CEACG-researchers are typically divided between many different workshops, one that they will most certainly be present in is the one concerned with culture and consumption. Since 2014 Riie Heikkilä and Anu Katainen have arranged the Culture and Consumption workshops.

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Harm to relationships caused by excessive online gaming

Are the offline and the online two competing social worlds, which need to be balanced? How does great online engagement affect close offline relationships with family and friends?

A new study by Hellman, Karjalainen and Majamäki (2016), published in the journal New Media and Society inquires into how persons in a close relationship with a gamer of Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) perceive relationship problems caused by the gaming hobby. The study points to the timeliness in devoting attention to the premises under which intimacy and commitment are negotiated in offline and online relationship constellations.

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Gambling activity has reached unprecedented levels worldwide and the effects of gambling have come under intense public, political, and academic scrutiny. Problem gambling has emerged as a significant public health issue and there is a great need for a more thorough coherent scholarly discussion regarding ways in which gambling activities can and potentially should be controlled and governed in contemporary societies.

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