The CEACG [pronounced SE-AGG] conducts research on social and lifestyle-related problems as well as on governance, control mechanisms and policies aiming at modifying and solving these problems. The group consists of researchers involved in several national and international research projects and it is led by docent Matilda Hellman. The centre receives a yearly funding from The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Although the projects of CEACG are social scientific to their character the research is cross-disciplinary spanning over disciplines like sociology, history, social work, social policy, political science, media and communication. In 2018 the research group functions as a research unit at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Ongoing projects concern e.g. online alcohol marketing, European gambling policies, images of gambling; images of addiction in the mass media, among stakeholders and gatekeepers; welfare policies; mental health and public health policies in national contexts and in different institutional settings; systems and strategies for handling substance abuse problems in families.

The CEACG functions both as a research center milieu at the Department of Social Sciences, and as a researcher group with associative partners from other institutions and research groups.

Anna Alanko, group coordinator

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