New post docs join the lab!


We are fortunate to have some new post docs joining the lab. Petri Kemppainen is a population geneticist and will work on simulations of genetic architecture, Hannu Mäkinen is a evolutionary geneticists and will work with Heidi on the DNA methylation project and, starting later this year Abhilash Nair, will work on the population genetics and genetics of wing polymorphism in the water strider project. A great group of people we look forward to have around !

Husby becomes member of YAE

Arild Husby was elected to the YAE and aims to establish a Young Academy of Finland

Jostein Gohli joins the lab!

We are very excited that Jostein Gohli is starting as a post doc in our lab in September. Jostein will work on identifying signs of polygenic adaptation using large scale genotype data on house sparrows.

Catarina takes part in Congenomics 2016

Congenomics 2016

Our work on the genetic architecture of phenotypic traits in house sparrows has been presented at the Conference on Conservation Genomics (link: It was a very inspiring atmosphere with discussions around key topics in population genomics, adaptive genetic variation and conservation issues.


Participants at Congenomics (photo credit: organizing committee)

Our poster at Congenomics16.

Poster Sparrows Congenomics16_v3

Heidi Viitaniemi joins the lab as post doc!

We are very pleased to welcome Heidi Viitaniemi to the group! Heidi did her PhD at University of Turku and will work on DNA methylation in relation to timing of reproduction in a collaboration project with Prof Marcel Visser and Dr Kees van Oers at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology.

Funding for work on water striders!

In December Husby was awarded a 3 year research project grant from the University of Helsinki to work on the genetics of phenotypic plasticity using water striders as a model system. The project started this year and will involve fieldwork as well as laboratory experiments.

Symposia on sex-specific genetic variation at ESEB

ESEB in Lausanne was a great success and together with Holger Schielzeth at Bielefeld University and  Elina Immonen at Uppsala we organised a symposium on “Novel insights in the genetics of sex-specific variation” on the first day of the conference. Our two invited speakers, Daphne Fairbairn from University of California Riverside and Tim Connallon from Monash, both gave excellent talks that really excited the large audience attending our symposium. We were also fortunate to have excellent presenters both for the contributed talks and posters alike! Great fun to organise!

Fieldwork on water striders

Together with Elina Immonen at Uppsala University we have started work on water striders and have been out and about collecting these beautiful little beasties over the summer.

Sampling them is rather easy with a pond net and waders..


…and measuring them is also rather easy both in hand…


and in more detail from photographs.



Stay tuned for exciting results on this project!

New post doc joining the lab!

Catarina Silva will join the lab as a post doc on 1st September to work on genotype-phenotype mapping in a population of house sparrows from Norway. Catarina has worked on population genomics of scallops during her PhD and will be a great addition to the lab!