Hello everyone!

Look out for Keshia's lovely smile during Orientation week.
Look out for Keshia’s lovely smile during Orientation week.

We’re Keshia and Tugce, the two CISSI tutors. Tugce is originally from Turkey and moved to Helsinki in August last year to start her Master’s degree in Media and Global Communication. Keshia comes from Bangalore, India and is a Research Master’s student in Social Psychology. Our main role is to make your transition into university life in Helsinki as smooth as possible which means you can always approach us whether you need some questions about student life answered or just an informal chat. Settling in can be hard but we both felt at home very quickly as we became good friends with the CISSI soldiers and because of CISSI’s events in the beginning of the Fall semester.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what CISSI is. On paper, we have been described as a committee for international social science students under Kannuvalajat ry. Our main aim is to promote integration between Finnish and international social science students and encourage diversity. In reality we do so much more than that.

In the past, we have organised delicious international food events, infamous parties and sitsits, picnics and freshmen activities to name a few of our many projects. We plan to make a tradition of these events for the upcoming academic year as they were such a success.

New exchange and degree students, prepare to be wooed by the myriad activities that we have planned for you. Our tutors will make sure that you do not feel like a fish out of water in your first weeks in Helsinki but instead take a long soak in the incredible bathtub that is Finnish student culture.

With our international newsletters, orientations and weekly updates, we try to bridge the gap that the language barrier might create for new international students. Through our intensive communication with other Finnish student organizations and faculties we strive to keep ourselves on top of things so do not fear, CISSI is here for all your University of Helsinki needs.

So, impressed with what you’ve read and want to join the team? Find us on Facebook: CISSI , follow us on Instagram: instacissi, email us at cissi-board@helsinki.fi or approach any one of us for more information, we would be happy to hear from you!” We would also love to see you at our first party of the semester this Friday, the 28th of August, 7pm onwards at Kuppala.

Tugce expects to see you all in Kuppala this Friday!