Congratulations CISSI Board 2016 !

Cissi Board 2015 + 2016 after the Annual General Meeting at the New Student House. ©Ran Goren
Cissi Board 2015 + 2016 after the Annual General Meeting at the New Student House. © Ran Goren

CISSI Board of 2016 will consist of:

  • Chair: Keshia D’Silva
  • Treasurer: Mohsen Hadianpour
  • Secretary:  Svenja Scholz
  • Other board members:
    • Marguerite Beattie – Equality and Environment Rep
    • Andre Buscariolli – Study Affairs Rep
    • Mong Han Chau- Communications
    • Maria Luhtaniemi – Integration Rep
    • Sarah Ni Mhairtin – Cultural Events Rep
    • Huishan Guo – Events Rep
    • Valeriya Kushchuk – Corporate Affairs Rep
    • Jola Llozhi – Tutoring Rep
  • Deputy members: Tugce Coskun & Walid Hasbi

At the Annual General Meeting we also revised CISSI’s rules and decided to start publishing the minutes of the meetings to the blog. Links to be created soon.

Best of luck and strength for the new board of CISSI 2016 !

CISSI is ready for the new board 2016 – YOU can be part of it

Some of CISSI Board 2015 with our curator Keijo Rahkonen at the Annual Ball of Kannunvalajat © Iida Tulokas
Some of CISSI Board 2015 and 2014 with our curator Keijo Rahkonen at the Annual Ball of Kannunvalajat © Iida Tulokas

CISSI was established in 2014 to represent the Social Sciences students enrolled in the International programmes. CISSI is for both international and internationally-minded social scientists at the University of Helsinki. CISSI has proved to be a very important player in the integration of international students and also a channel for the student’s voices. Having the Vice-Dean, Keijo Rahkonen, as the curator has kept CISSI aware of what’s going on in our Faculty and in the university as a whole.

As a member of the board, you can work on your strengths and interests. Being it communication, student politics, event planning, networking, career connections, or study affairs; your strength and interest is welcome!

Becoming a board member of CISSI is not only important for the students, but also fun! Staying active in the university opens up many possibilities for making new friends, connections, learning, and giving back to the community. By joining the board, you can learn how the university works and make the university a more enjoyable learning environment for yourself and also for other students. CISSI definitely made our integration as international students much smoother and continued to provide its benefits when we joined the board.

Being a part of a board can, at times be challenging but it is a very rewarding experience, not to mention a great addition for your CV!

The mandatory positions are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. However, CISSI since its establishment has other positions too. Its the board’s decision on how to organise itself.

Currently, besides the mandatory positions we also have: University and Corporate Affairs Representative,Equality Representative, Environmental Representative, Cultural Events Representative, Events Representative, Study Affairs Representative, Communications, Tutoring.

See the descriptions for the board positions here: 

Any student member can run for the board regardless of year of enrolment or nationality. Add to your experiences and your student life at the University of Helsinki and run for the CISSI board!

Elections will be held this Wednesday at 17:00 in The New Student House, 3rd floor.
The agenda can be found here