Agenda CISSI Annual General Meeting

Dear followers of CISSI,

Here is our agenda for the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, the 16th February (18.00pm, Behavior, New Student House).


CISSI Annual General Meeting 16th of February 2015, 18.00 in Beauvoir

1§ Opening of the meeting

2§ Declaring legality and quorum

3§ Nominating a chair for the meeting

4§ Nominating a vice chair for the meeting

5§ Nominating a secretary for the meeting

6§ Nominating two vote counters and minute checkers

7§ Approval of the agenda

8§ A word from the chair of 2015

9§ Presenting the rules

10§ Presenting the strategy

11§ Presenting the 2015 finance report

12§ Presenting the 2015 annual report

13 § Deciding over the 2015 boards freedom from responsibility

11§ Presenting the budget plan

12§ Presenting the blueprint

13§ Election of two deputy member

14 § Electing an auditor for 2015

15 § Making Keijo, CISSI’s current curator an Inspector

16 § Electing a new curator

14§ Other matters

15§ Closing the meeting







Documents for CISSI’s Spring Annual General Meeting

Dear Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences,

On Wednesday, the 16th of February at 6 pm CISSI’s Spring Annual General Meeting will take place. If you have ever wanted to know more about our work and functioning of, please join the meeting at Beauvoir in the New Student House on the 16th of February, from 6 pm onwards.

During this meeting, we aim to make CISSI accountable to our members. This will happen by presenting our strategy, action plan, event calendar and budget plan for the year. You will find all necessary documents attached here:

CISSI Annual Report 2015 Income Statement 2015 CISSI Blueprints 2016 CISSI Budget Plan 2016 CISSI Event Calendar 2016

On the basis of these documents, we would love you to contribute to your comments, ideas and suggestions on the work of CISSI.

In addition to general discussions, we will be making changes to our Secretary position, which you will need to approve. Finally, we will also be electing two deputy members, so please come to our meeting if you would like to run for these and get more involved in CISSI’s activities.

During the meeting, CISSI will provide snacks and refreshments!

Looking forward to see you all,

The CISSI Board 2016

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