Greetings from: Jola, CISSI’s tutoring representative

Hi everybody,

My name is Jola and I come from Albania. I am a second year master’s student in Media and Global Communication programme. As a CISSI tutor, I would be happy to provide support and share my experience with new students. CISSI has been one of the main links to new friends and I have enjoyed each experience along the way. I am sure it will serve as a good platform that will enable you to easily get used to a novel, though very hospitable, environment.

Whenever you are in need of some advice or answers, please feel free to approach me by dropping a line at

For us at CISSI it is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to Finland and make your stay as interesting and wonderful as we can!

Jola - Our Tutoring Representative
Jola – Our Tutoring Representative

Welcome to the new academic year! – CISSI is back with new ideas

Dear followers,

After a long and hopefully very relaxing summer, CISSI wants to welcome all of you back to the next academic year! We are sure it’s going to be at least as fun and amazing than the last one!

Speaking of which: In the end of last year, CISSI sent out an survey in order to find out what we could improve next year. Some of you have suggested that we, the board members of CISSI, could be more visible and that they’d liked to know more about us. In order to respond to the great and constructive feedback you gave us, we have decided to present you from now on every couple of days one of our board members!

However, as you know, soon a whole bunch of new international students will arrive. To make their and our student life as good, exciting and integrative as we can, we would still like to ask you to fill out our surveywith this link:

CISSI is always open for your suggestions!