CissioverallsOveralls are a massive part of Finnish student tradition and you can see students all around the city wearing overalls in different colours. Different faculties and subject organizations at the university have their own colours. All students are encourages to get/buy overall patches from parties and events that they participate in and sew them onto their overalls, so no two overalls look exactly the same. There are some national events where all students wear their overalls, the most important ones being Shrove Tuesday (Laskiainen) in February and Vappu (the biggest student event of the year) in May. Different student associations also have their own overall parties during the year. There are some traditions connected with overalls, such as never washing them (it’s only allowed to wash it if you’re wearing it).

To get your own Finnish student overall, please contact the student organization of your faculty. In the Faculty of Social Sciences it is the Freshmen committee of Kannunvalajat who orders them. If you don’t know which one it is you can contact us, and we’ll help you (or ask your tutors!). Overalls are generally ordered in the autumn term, but there might be a couple left over in the spring so its always worth asking!

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