60s themed sits with CISSI and Resonanssi in Alina-sali.

A traditional part of Finnish student culture is sitsit, or academic dinner parties. Basically, sitsit is a three-course dinner party. However it includes its own traditions, drinking, singing and cheering. Depending wholly on the theme of the dinner parties, all this takes place either at, on, near or under the dinner table.

Student dinner parties are far from boring! Each association has their own unique traditions and songs, which are accompanied with toasts and downing of shots. Some people consider dinner parties the most fun part of Finnish student culture. In any case, sitsit is definitely something worth experiencing when studying in Finland.

Sitsit normally start around 7pm and go on late into the night. An after party usually follows the dinner part. Normal dress code includes black suit/cocktail dress. This varies according to the nature of sitsit.

Stay tuned on the mailing lists, because tickets for the most popular ones are sold in a flash!

Most student organisations have an annual ball (vuosijuhla) which is a more formal version of the sitsit with better food and better behaviour, whereas some sitsit can be quite rowdy. It can be a good idea to eat something before the sitsit, since the focus is usually more on the singing and the drinking than the actual eating.


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