Student Organizations

Getting involved with student organisations is a great way to find new friends, learn a lot about the unique Finnish student culture and have fun! Within the Faculty of Social Sciences we have the faculty organisation Kannunvalajat ry which includes the following subject organisations:

  • Economics (KTTO ry)
  • Development studies (Keho ry)
  • Philosophy (Dilemma ry)
  • Economics and Social History (Taso ry.)
  • Political History (Polho ry)
  • Social and cultural anthropology (Mana ry)
  • Social and Public Policy (Stigma ry)
  • Social Psychology (Status ry)
  • Social Work (Stydi ry)
  • Sociology (Kontakti ry)
  • Statistics (Moodi ry)
  • Political Science (VOO ry)
  • Media and Communications (Media ry)

To find out the list of all student organisations:

2 thoughts on “Student Organizations”

  1. Moi,

    I’m an exchange student my major is Media and Communications. I would like to buy an overall of my faculty, could you please tell me where I can get it?

    Thank you very much!


    1. Moi, Dan!

      Usually overalls are not available during the spring semester. But we are working on getting some more and we will update information about this request soon! Thank you for asking. For more instant communication, I recommend you to follow our Facebook page (


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