Student Organizations

Getting involved with student organisations is a great way to find new friends, learn a lot about the unique Finnish student culture and have fun! Within the Faculty of Social Sciences we have the faculty organisation Kannunvalajat ry which includes the following subject organisations:

  • Economics (KTTO ry)
  • Development studies (Keho ry)
  • Philosophy (Dilemma ry)
  • Economics and Social History (Taso ry.)
  • Political History (Polho ry)
  • Social and cultural anthropology (Mana ry)
  • Social and Public Policy (Stigma ry)
  • Social Psychology (Status ry)
  • Social Work (Stydi ry)
  • Sociology (Kontakti ry)
  • Statistics (Moodi ry)
  • Political Science (VOO ry)
  • Media and Communications (Media ry)

To find out the list of all student organisations:

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