My name is Ana Toledo, former CISSI soldier, and food lover! I have always loved food since I was very little. All the colors, flavors, and feelings that food brings have always filled me with joy. After living in five countries and staying for quite a while in some others, experiencing local cuisine and food related traditions have always been on the top of my list. One of the best ways to integrate and learn about a new culture as well as showcasing your own is through food. I have no doubt about it!

CISSI’s International Food Event

In 2014, Anna-Liisa Allas and I were formulating events for the new students that would help with integration but would also be fun. What’s the best way to get in touch with another culture as well as with your own? Food, of course! When people experience food together they relate to each other; they learn more about one another and about themselves. Eating and preparing food sounded like a great way to have our students “share internationality and locality”.

CISSI’s International Food Event had its first instalment in 2014 and since then has filled the hearts and bellies of many international and internationally minded students. During the food event, participants bring savory and sweet meals from all over the world to share with each other. Before the meal starts, each student tells a bit about the meal they have prepared and why they wanted to share it.

Monday, November 21st is time for another opportunity to share and taste different dishes! Check CISSI’s event and sign up! This event comes only once per semester and it is always a success! Bring a dish that means a lot to you; it can come from anywhere not necessarily where you were born or grew up. It just needs to be a dish you enjoy and want to share. Bring something delicious and meaningful to you and get ready to amaze and be amazed by all the world’s delights!

Ana Todela (middle) and other participants of CISIS's International Food Event
Ana Todela (middle) and other participants of CISIS’s International Food Event

As the cook and author James Beard once said: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience”.

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