Greetings from André, CISSI’s Study Affair Representative!

Hey everyone!

I’m André, the Study Affairs Representative of CISSI. I’m a Social Psychology student from Brazil.

My aim is to facilitate the communication between the international students and the our faculty. Given the on-going changes in our faculty, I came up with a form to get more information about the study experience of international students. With this data we are hoping to have a clearer picture on how CISSI could intermediate the relationship between the students and the faculty, focusing on issues that are perceived as more timely.
Even if you don’t have an opinion on all the questions, it’s important to use this form to express what do you think is more urgent! If some aspect of your studying experience has not been covered, you can also talked about it in the last question.

The Big Wheel Project aims to restructure the degrees (Bachelor and Masters), in order to meet the expectations of the market labor. More information on the project can be find here:

You can find the form on our Facebook page. Or you can contact and ask that I send the form directly to your e/mail:

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