Greetings from CISSI’s new Deputy Member Iina!

Hi all!

My name is Iina and I’m an anthropology major in the Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity and Integration program. I moved back to Finland from the U.S. a year ago and recently became one of the four newly appointed Deputy Board Members of CISSI.

CISSI's new Deputy Member Iina in Myanmar gathering data for her thesis
CISSI’s new Deputy Member Iina in Myanmar gathering data for her thesis

Being a second year student, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know CISSI prior to becoming a member. Over the past year I have attended CISSI parties and events and gotten to know some of the board members – and I must say, this organizations dedication to international students is praiseworthy and made me want to get more involved this year. I feel that it is crucial that international students have the same opportunities and experiences that Finnish students have, which is exactly the reason CISSI was founded. 

Although I am Finnish, I have been an international student my entire life. From elementary school in Mozambique to middle school in the UAE to high school in the US, I have always been a foreigner in a new environment, so I’m passionate about assisting and advocating for international students here. I’m excited to join the CISSI team and hope my experience in dealing with international student matters will help me guide new students with the ins and outs of the University of Helsinki.

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