Greetings from CISSI’s new Deputy Member Saga!

Hey everyone!

I’m Saga, the fourth newly appointed Deputy Board Member of CISSI. I just started my third year of bachelor’s majoring in social psychology after spending a year abroad in France. During my exchange I met a lot of amazing international students and when I returned to Finland I wanted to meet more!

CISSI's Deputy Member Saga
CISSI’s new Deputy Member Saga

I had heard about CISSI during my first year of studies and when I started as a tutor for this fall’s exchange students, other international tutors told me more about the organization. I wanted to be a part of the internationally-minded community that CISSI promotes and help to make it grow even more. I find that it’s in the best interest of both Finnish and international students to reinforce the internationality and inclusion at our faculty. That being said, I’m looking forward to all the forthcoming CISSI events, like the Halloween party we’re organizing on Friday.

If you want to meet the new deputies and celebrate Halloween with CISSI, we hope you join us in Kuppala this Friday!

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