Greetings from CISSI’s new Deputy Member Sam!

Hi everyone! My name is Sam and I’m from the UK. I’m currently studying on the first year of my Master’s programme in ‘European Studies’. I’m one of three other new Deputy Board Members for CISSI that were appointed at the recent EGM!

Before I came to Helsinki as a student I’d heard a lot about how welcoming the student societies at the University of Helsinki are so I signed up at the welcome fair in my first week (well done to CISSI secretary, Mong, for being able to read my disastrous handwriting).

Sam, one of CISSI's new Deputy Members on Lammassaari
Sam, one of CISSI’s new Deputy Members on Lammassaari

I moved to Helsinki from Glasgow earlier this year, and though it’s an exciting and beautiful city in which to live as a student, integration can be difficult. I’ve spoken to many international students who have had trouble outside of the university with the language barrier – contracts have been exclusively in Finnish making simple processes like opening a bank account more difficult. This can also be the case with something as simple as a Facebook event which you might miss entirely if it’s written exclusively in Finnish.

What I admire about CISSI, and why I’m excited to get more involved as a Deputy Board Member is how inclusive CISSI is as an organisation. Not only do CISSI plan their own events with consideration for international students by always including an English language option alongside the Finnish, they encourage other organisations to do the same! So whilst CISSI might not be able to help with that bank contract, they’ll definitely help you to never miss a party!

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