Greetings from Mohsen, CISSI’s Treasurer!

A couple of years ago, when I got admitted into the University of Helsinki, I told a friend of mine that I was going to Finland, and asked him whether or not he had any sort of advice or heads up for me. He said, and I just quote: “No, I don’t have any advice for you. What I do have is a question mixed with a genuine concern: Are you out of your mind?” I recall I freaked out: “Why? Why would you say that? Why?” He said, and again I just quote: “Well, you know, Finland is a cold, dark country, full of shy people who speak a funny, impossible-to-learn language”, and then he said: “and of course it has some problems as well.”

Now, it’s been more than three years. Finland is neither as cold nor dark as I was told, and the language is not so tough: on a good day I can even say thanks to the bus driver.

Mohsen, CISSI's Treasurer
Mohsen, CISSI’s Treasurer

My name is Mohsen. I am from Iran, and I have been involved with CISSI from its beginning. I am the treasurer. My duties included:

1- Sitting in front of Alina hall’s door before Sitsits with a mean face and a cashbox, to make sure everyone has bought the ticket,

2- Being at the board meetings to make the quorum,

3- Stalking and harassing people who owe CISSI money and haven’t paid yet (Hi A. O! I am watching you!),

4- Planning the budget for the whole year, which at the end no one follows,

5- Setting limits on the money we should spend on specific events, which normally no one cares,

6- Collecting receipts and scanning them, which is probably unnecessary,

7- And, after doing all of these, and when I have nothing better to do, trying to cheer my mates up with ‘funny’ jokes and free compliments, which usually works in the contrary way and just makes them feel uncomfortable and awkward.

So you see that I am a crucial member of CISSI.

I have had a lot of fun in CISSI. Great experience, great environment, and most importantly, great friends. I am proud of what I am doing, as small as it is, and wish I could do it again next year. But I can’t because I won’t be a student anymore (OK, you got me, I am not sure about that one). I am going to need to step out, and it is harder than I thought.

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