Greetings from Svenja, CISSI’s Communication Representative!


I am Svenja, CISSI’s Communication Representative (as many of you might know from my recurring Wednesday morning greetings in CISSI’s Weekly Newsletter)! I moved to Finland the first time in 2013 for an exchange year at the University of Turku. Because I found that Finland is such a nice and friendly place, I decided to come back for my Master studies –  this time to the University of Helsinki. Here, I have been studying, together with three other CISSI board members, the Media and Global Communication Master’s program (MGC).

Svenja, CISSI's Communication Representative
Svenja, CISSI’s Communication Representative

In my first weeks in Helsinki, I enjoyed the student life here a lot: There were so many things going on and I met so many nice people that I immediately felt at home in this new city. That was mainly because of the very active subject organizations and interest associations at our faculty. As already before in Turku, I got the feeling that student organizations have a way bigger role in influencing the university life than in my home country Germany. So I decided that I do not only want to enjoy, but instead be an active part of this lively student culture. The consequence was that I joined CISSI, today about exactly one year ago!

As CISSI’s communication representative, my main task is to communicate our aims and activities to the internationally-minded student community. I am sure you all have seen this happening in our posts on Facebook, this blog or in the newsletter. An equally important task is however to inform international students about what is happening in the local student and university life. This is crucial when it comes to the integration of international students in the Finnish-speaking student community: Because even though we could achieve that nearly all organizations of the Faculty of Social Science publish their statements and event announcements also in English, our Weekly Newsletter has been an important tool to make this information visible to non-Finnish speakers and to achieve the integration CISSI stands for.

However, communication can also be very flexible and a great problem-solver: In the beginning of this year, for instance, we realized that our board was personally not so well known amongst our members as we would have hoped for. So we decided to publish personal introductions and position descriptions, such as this one, on our blog and Facebook. Now, when our time as a board slowly but surely comes to an end, we can for sure say that this introduction series helped to show up who the right contact person is and to make CISSI more visible amongst international and Finnish students. In my view, the communication work thus has quite a great significance for our organization, and the best thing is that in CISSI there is a lot of space for new and innovative ideas!

As a media student, being the communication representative of CISSI has been great! Through my position, I could gather a lot of practical experience and could try out a lot of different practices. Unfortunately, I will not be able to run for the next CISSI board again since I am going to graduate in the upcoming year. So if anyone out there is interested in becoming the next communication representative of such an open-minded and original organization as CISSI, please feel free to contact me and I will tell you all you want to know about the position, its responsibilities and difficulties!

Our AGM in which we will elect the new board for 2017 is on the 5th of December, so you have about two weeks time to think!

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