ISHA Helsinki: Cheap&Dirty Pub Crawl Vol. XIII

ISHA Helsinki is organizing for the first time this year its legendary Cheap & Dirty Pub Crawl. Come and join ISHA Helsinki as we explore the cheapest and dodgiest pubs and bars in the eastern parts of Helsinki! We will start at Mellunmäki metro station and progress from there to city centre while having a blast!

Cheap&Dirty Pub Crawl

WHAT: ISHA Helsinki Cheap & Dirty Pub Crawl
WHERE: Mellunmäki metro station
WHEN: Thursday the 23rd March at 18.30 pm
WHY: Experience the bars and pubs of East Helsinki in good company!
MITÄ: ISHA Helsinki Cheap & Dirty Pub Crawl
MISSÄ: Mellunmäen metroasema
MILLOIN: Torstaina 23.päivä maaliskuuta klo. 18.30
MIKSI: Koe Itä-Helsingin pubit ja baarit hyvässä seurassa!