The List of Participants for the Summer Seminar 2017 is out!

The list of participants for ISHA Helsinki Summer Seminar 2017 is out! Check the attached information for instructions on payment and deadlines, too!

Participants for the ISHA Helsinki Summer Seminar 2017

General info to participants


– The deadline for the submission of your abstract (max. 1 page) in PDF format is on Friday 30th of June at 23.59 UTC+3 (Finnish Summer Time). Send your abstract by email to isha-hallitus[at]

– The deadline for the payment has been moved up in order to shorten the period of uncertainty for the people on the waiting list. Participants must pay at least half of the participation fee, 50 euros out of the total fee of 100 euros, by June 5th. If you don’t, a person on the waiting list will take your place (please see below). The rest is payable upon arrival. Pay the fee to:

Receiver: ISHA-Helsinki RY IBAN: FI08 1031 3000 7787 90



– If you have been selected to participate in the PhD workshop, please also write in addition to your abstract what you would like to discuss in the Friday session of the workshop. The quest speaker will take up themes you have wished for, so don’t hesitate to suggest what you want!

– If you have questions about anything, for example you are wondering why you are listed under a workshop that was not your first choice, please contact us at isha-hallitus[at]





List of participants


Workshop 1 – Historical Consciousness in Education

Kazakova, Liliya – ISHA Kaliningrad

Kulej, Maja – ISHA Osijek

Sevo, Blaz – ISHA Split

Soba, Miha – ISHA Ljubljana

Stepanenko, Nikita – ISHA Kaliningrad

Toth, Noemi Dalma – no section declared

White, Thomas – ISHA Kent

Ydiers, Emma – ISHA Ghent


Workshop 2 – Historical Consciousness in Culture and Media

Delrue, Valentin – ISHA Ghent

Galardini, Luca – ISHA Rome

Hannula, Henriikka – ISHA Vienna

Kühnlenz, Sophie – ISHA Berlin

Malkova, Anastasiia – ISHA Berlin

Nogal, Grezgorz – ISHA Warsaw

Rossi, Pauli – ISHA Turku

Sandhagen, Julian – ISHA Berlin


Workshop 3 – Historical Consciousness in Place

Cooman, Isabeau – ISHA Ghent

Grodzińska, Magdalena – ISHA Warsaw

Gruhalski, Kuba – ISHA Warsaw

Logvinenko, Elena – ISHA Kaliningrad

Piscokova, Zora – ISHA Lugano

Pusztai, Péter Attila – ISHA Budapest

Skelin, Ante – ISHA Zadar

Zapolsky, Maria – ISHA Kaliningrad


Workshop 4 – Historical Consciousness in Politics

Bache, Daniel – ISHA Berlin

Fieremans, Nils – ISHA Ghent

Fuchs, Flora – ISHA Berlin

Grey, George – ISHA Kent

Logghe, Anselm – ISHA Ghent

Vergos, Konstantinos – ISHA Tessaloniki

Waters, Adrian – ISHA Kent

Wilson, Alyssa – ISHA Lugano



Workshop 5 – PhD Workshop:

remember to include your wishes for the Friday session’s programme in your abstract!

Adomopoulou, Maria – ISHA Tessaloniki

Bezsenyi, Tomas – ISHA Budapest

Butra, Madgalena – ISHA Warsaw

Ivanova, Bozhidarka – ISHA Sofia

Molnar, Daniel – ISHA Budapest

Podzniakova, Irina – ISHA Kaliningrad

Prati, Dario – ISHA Berlin

Zambo, Lilla – ISHA Budapest


Waiting list


People on the waiting list will be informed whether or not they get to attend the seminar in early June, after the payments have been processed. There is of course a chance of someone cancelling even after making their payment, in which case you could be offered a spot later on in June or even in July, but please don’t plan your summer expecting this to happen.


Veric, Ive – ISHA Split

Kriukov, Artem – no section declared

Pichugina, Tatiana – ISHA Kaliningrad

Fostova, Siusana – ISHA Kaliningrad

Lazarenko, Yanina – ISHA Kaliningrad

Saenko, Angelina – ISHA Kaliningrad

Szathmari, Edina – no section declared

Jakab, Zalan Tamas – no section declared

Nemeth, Patrick – no section declared

Ogasiyan, Ilya – ISHA Kaliningrad