Viewpoints on equality in the activities of ISHA Helsinki

International Students of History Association Helsinki takes the principles of equality and inclusiveness into account in all its activities. The association treats members of all backgrounds equally and with respect. ISHA wishes to have an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcomed to participate in events and other activities.

We practice the policy of zero tolerance towards any kind of harassment. ISHA also does not tolerate any kind of discrimination, whether direct or indirect. The board and the Officer of Equality in particular are approachable if a member wants to report on harassment or has concerns relating to equality. We take all such reports ― should they occur ― seriously and respond promptly.

Due to the international mindset of the association, English is used as a working language in ISHA’s activities besides Finnish. The board communicates with the members in both languages.

ISHA Helsinki tries to organise its events in spaces that are readily accessible to all our membership base. When our events or activities are organized in locations where accessibility might be or is limited for example due to disabilities, we notify about it beforehand in our event invitations and descriptions.

Minna Likander, Officer of Equality