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Joint Conference of SIG Higher Education and SIG Teaching and Teacher Education, Kirkkonummi, Finland, 13 – 16 June, 2010.


Thank you for all the participants for your contribution!

It was a really nice confence.

-Organising committee-


SIG’s Mission Statements and the aim for the joint conference
 The aim of the joint conference is to share research results, ideas and interests among the members of the two SIGs and the JURE. The joint conference offers interesting and challenging chance to combine and share research interests for both the junior and senior researchers of both SIGs. The aim of the conference is to find common research interests and learn from each other. In the higher education the research interests focusing on teacher identity, teaching skills and approaches to teaching are examples of possible overlapping research interests for both SIGs.

SIG 4 Higher Education aims to offer the opportunity to those whose educational research interests are in learning and instruction in higher education, to hear about and exchange ideas with colleagues with similar interests.

SIG 11’s mission is to provide a forum for sharing and debating high quality research on teaching and teacher education from different theoretical and methodological perspectives.