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“Informaatiota taloustieteen siirtymäsäännöistä (ml. vastaavuustaulukko pää- ja sivuaineopiskelijoille)” on täällä

Juha Tervala
Director of the Bachelor’s Programme in Economics, University of Helsinki

Contact Information:


Office: Economicum (Arkadiankatu 7), room A319
Office hour: Mondays at 13-14

Postal address:
P.O. Box 17
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

Phone (work) +358 50 3182244
Phone (mobile) +358 50 5862968

New working papers:

“The Welfare Multiplier of Public Infrastructure Investment” (with Giovanni Ganelli) (Link) IMF Working Paper No. 16/40 (2016)

New publications:

“Hysteresis and Fiscal Policy” (with Philipp Engler) (Working paper) (New version) Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, accepted for publication

“Welfare Effects of TTIP in a DSGE Model” (with Philipp Engler) (download) Economic Modelling, accepted for publication

“Third Country Effects of Fiscal Devaluations” (with Philipp Engler and Sandra Pasch) (download) Economics Letters vol 165, pp. 13–16 (2018)

“Fiscal Devaluation in a Monetary Union” (with Philipp Engler, Giovanni Ganelli and Simon Voigts) (download) IMF Economic Review vol 65, pp. 241–272 (2017)