Information about Unraveling Hierarchy in Chilean Schools –Video installation by Susanna Hannus

Unraveling Hierarchy in Chilean Schools –Video installation
Susanna Hannus

Forthcoming PhD-research The Effects of Power/ Transforming Towards Non-Hierarchy is a multi-cultural and art-based ethnography in Finland and Chile. This research unfolds the effects of the school choice policy, the new optic regime as well as visual arts, performativity and playfulness in unraveling hierarchy. Furthermore, pedagogical courage and communal charismatic emotional dynamics in the schools seems to be triggers of transformation.

The video installation presents performative transformation photography produced in two Chilean schools illuminating possibilities for unravel hierarchies. Levels of unraveling hierarchies of oneself and socio-cultural hierarchies are explored. The first data was produced in a school located in lower socio-economic structure area applying a method of empowering photography (Savolainen 2009). Dialogical photographing situations where created as the students’ where the dramaturges of their transformation photography. The second body of the photography was produced in a dance class in a school located higher socio-economic area. The video installation brings together performative transformation photography from schools from diverse socio-economic areas lightening young people bridging embodiment, creativity, academic work as well as joyfully engaging with each other in multiple places in the school spaces.

In parallel with the video installation, I will give a presentation explicating the art-based ethnography elaborated hear, including (i) the methodological premises of producing the performative transformation photography and (ii) a clarified method of dramaturgical analyses of the photographic data. Although, the main emphasis is to spotlight this fresh methodology, I will give a brief prelude to the Dynamics of Unraveling Hierarchy in the Chile context as well.