Brunila first recipient of newly established professorship in Social Justice & Equality in Education

Dr Kristiina Brunila has been appointed to the newly established professorship Professor (tenure track) of Social Justice & Equality in Education at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Justice and equality in education is the core of Brunila’s interests and has been the red tread in her research career. She did her PhD in 2009 on the marketisation of welfare politics, with a focus on gender equality in education and working life, and has since continued to focused on issues such as knowledge capitalism, projectisation and therapisation in education.

Brunila looks forward to combine her new professorship with the resources of JustEd, in order to promote the issues of social justice and equality in education both nationally and internationally. An important objective in her work is to not only identify problems, but also finding possible ways for change – something she hopes to achieve together with her widely spread network of colleagues.

Kristiina Brunila’s homepage

Kristiina Brunila’s research profile

New funding — JustEd’s activities expand further

Professor Hannu Simola from University of Helsinki (Pl) and Professor Risto Rinne from University of Turku have received funding from the Academy of Finland for the project ‘Trans-national Dynamics in Quality Assurance and Evaluation Politics of Basic Education in Brazil, China and Russia’. The research consortium also involves University of Tampere, hence bringing together three prominent Finnish research environments in the field of comparative sociology and politics of education. The team will also engage professors and doctoral students from the case countries.

The project aims at understanding how the intertwinement of different factors constructs local dynamics in QAE politics and thus shapes local learning environments in Brazil, China and Russia. The project will develop a new theoretical and methodological approach (CADEP) towards comparative understanding of education systems. If successful, the project may open up avenues for reforming policies as well as for education consultancy and export.

NordForsk Magazine reports on JustEd

Under the heading “Learning from our differences”, the latest issue of NordForsk Magazine includes an interview with director Gunilla Holm about JustEd. The heading of the article refers to the differences in the structural frameworks of the educational sectors among the Nordic countries, making for interesting comparisons. “When collaborating internationally, you have to look at your own work and others’ with a more critical eye and from a variety of perspectives”, Holm points out. Professor Lisbeth Lundahl is on the same track, in a related interview on the issue of dropouts in upper secondary education in the Nordic countries.

The NordForsk magazine with the JustEd piece can be found here.