JustEd related PhD courses

JustEd partner Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences organizes a PhD course, Critical Multiculturalism and Teacher Education, with Professor Christine Sleeter and Professor Joron Pihl in March 2014. For more information see the university website.

Another  PhD course that thematically relates to JustEd, Globalization, Migration and Development,  is organized by REMESO Graduate School in Linköping University next Spring.  Deadline for applications: 4 April, 2014. More information and application form

Call for applications: JustEd doctoral student position at University of Iceland

The School of Education at the University of Iceland advertises an open position for a doctoral candidate to be included in JustEd research team 7 for the period of January 2014 – January 2017.

The doctoral candidate will participate in the research project on upper secondary school practices in Iceland, that aims to provide understanding of teaching and learning practices and the moulding forces of their evolution, including external structures, views of students, teachers and leaders, physical learning environment, teaching and learning practices and student engagement. The doctoral candidate will participate in collecting data for the research project. In cooperation with his or her advisors, the candidate will shape and carry out a doctoral research project using the data from the aforementioned study (including classroom observations, interviews, and survey data) and relate this doctoral research project to the objectives of the Nordic Center of Excellence JustEd. To successfully attend to the duties of the positions, the appointee should be able to speak and write fluently in both English and Icelandic. Deadline for application is January 6th 2014.

More information in the vacancy notice (in Icelandic and English) or at the website of University of Iceland


New Finnish norm critical educational material

The recently published norm critical education material Älä oleta – Normit nurin! suggests ways to deal with discriminatory norms and how to make schools equal learning environments. The book is directed especially to teachers working in secondary education and is useful for anyone working with youth. The material has been produced within a joint project by The Union of Vocational Students of Finland – SAKK, Seta – LGBTI Rights in Finland and The Swedish-speaking School Student Union of Finland. The material that soon will be published also in Swedish, is free to download from: www.normit.fi

New doctoral students recruited to JustEd

Four new doctoral students have been recruited to JustEd. The new doctoral students, that will start their work in February/April  are Tuuli From, Jenni Helakorpi, Lauri Ojalehto and Saija Volmari.

Tuuli From’s dissertation will focus on the production of cultural identities and categories in public debate and educational contexts with a focus on Nordic national minorities. Discourse analyses of the public debate on education for national minorities will be carried out together with school ethnography. From’s research will be included in team 6.

Jenni Helakorpi’s dissertation will examine how Roma families encounter school and how the Nordic context structures these encounters. Her analysis focuses on how ethnicity is constructed in institutional educational contexts and identifies cultural processes in relation to educational equality and inequality. Helakorpi is member of team 4.

Lauri Ojalehto’s research will address policies of free school choice and their political and philosophical justification in the face of the concurrent widening of educational inequality between locales, families and individuals. The study aims to clarify the implications of egalitarian liberalism for justification of diversified education. Ojalehto is member of team 1.

Saija Volmari’s dissertation will address the formation of internationalization discourses in higher education policy-making 1992 to 2012 in Finland and Norway, using Foucaults theory of discursive practices and postcolonial theories. It asks how internationalization discourses are formed; what and who determines what these discourses entail; and what are the consequences of these discourses for global equality and justice. Volmari is member of team 2.