Call for applications: JustEd mobility fellowships 2014

JustEd announces mobility fellowships for two senior and two postdoctoral researchers working within the research themes of the NCoE. These fellowships are open for JustEd members exclusively. In addition, two fellowships for visiting researchers who are not members of the partner universities are announced.

The mobility fellowship covers a visit in one of the partner institutions of the Centre. The duration of visits may vary from 1 week up to 1 month, with preference given to longer stays. Fellowships cover travel and accommodation and include a grant to cover other irregular costs incurred by the visit. Researchers with mobility fellowships will be incorporated into the activities of the receiving partner unit and the visiting researcher is expected to engage in joint research, writing, advising and/or teaching. Before submitting an application, applicants must be in contact with a contact person of the institution in question, in order to gain an approval for the visit.

The application period for exchange visits taking place in 2014 is open until February 16th.

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