Open lecture: “Consequences of differentiated policies and teaching practices in the Swedish school system”

JustEd visiting fellow Joanna Giota, associate professor from the University of Gothenburg, will give an open lecture at the University of Helsinki on “Consequences of differentiated policies and teaching practices in the Swedish school system.”

Time: Wednesday 5 November 2014 at 12:15-14:00
Room: Athena 168 (Siltavuorenpenger 3 A)

The lecture will highlight results from a research review (Giota, 2013) commissioned by the Swedish Research Council of Education in cooperation with The Swedish National Agency for Education. The review aimed to investigate the idea of individualization in the Swedish curricula from 1919 till today and how individualization has been practiced in the Swedish compulsory school during 2000-2010. The results show that individualization is not a simple working method in school, but a view which refers to the idea that school shall be a place for all students and that school shall value and treat every student equally in spite of differences in the students’ knowledge development and achievements. Individualization is also the basic idea of building a democratic society and what school is for. It appears however that difficulties in school are still seen as being caused mainly by student characteristics rather than shortcomings of the school and teaching practices as well as factors at the macro level. Some student groups do not receive equal opportunities to learn and flourish in school and run the risk of becoming socially excluded and marginalized in a here-and-now and future perspective.
Everyone is welcome to attend. No registration required.
Reference: Giota, J., (2013) Individualiserad undervisning i skolan – En Forskningsöversikt [Individualization in school – A research review], Vetenskapsrådets rapportserie 3:2013, Stockholm: Vetenskapsrådet.