Invitation to attend a conference: “What promotes labour force participation for vocational students with special needs education?”

“What promotes labour force participation for vocational students with special needs education?”, is a research project led by Eva Martinsen Dyrnes. This project is organising a conference on the 5th of May at the Østfold University College in Halden, Norway. The conference is free of charge. Persons interested in participating are asked to register by 24 April. More information on the conference is available (in Norwegian only) on the conference website.

A successful NERA Congress in Gothenburg

Pedagogen i Centrum

NERA 43rd Congress was successfully held in 4-6 March in Gothenburg, Sweden. The 2015 congress theme “The Marketisation and Differentiation in Education” focused the attention on the increasing influence of the logic of economic growth, marketisation and consumerism on the education systems, institutions, professionals, educational standards and equality. Many presentations discussed the consequences of these recent developments for children, teachers, parents, and local communities.

About 40 JustEd members participated in this year’s NERA congress. Professors Dennis Beach, Joanna Giota and Elisabeth Öhrn were part of the local organising committee at the University of Gothenburg. Professor Lisbeth Lundahl gave a keynote presentation on “Equality and Justice – Business and Excellence. A Nordic Educational Dilemma,” where she discussed the Nordic educational spaces and pedagogic identities of schools, staff and pupils that are far from the ideal image of a harmonious Nordic educational model. Furthermore, JustEd team 6 organised a gender and education symposium “Talking back to power: gender, education and possibility”, chaired by professor Gaby Weiner.

In 2016 the NERA 44th Congress “Social justice, Equality and Solidarity in Education” will be held in 9-11 March in Helsinki, Finland. The local organising committee at the University of Helsinki is chaired by University lecturer Sirpa Lappalainen, and several other JustEd members are also involved in the organisation of the upcoming Congress.

Visit the NERA 44th Congress website for more information on the congress theme, important dates and practicalities.

Ahlström award

Dennis Beach, Marianne Dovemark, Anneli Schwarz, and Elisabet Öhrn received NERA’s Ahlström Award for their article “Complexities and Contradictions of Educational Inclusion. A Meta-Ethnographic Analysis.” This article was published in NERA’s journal Nordic Studies in Education. The winners were appointed by the NERA board. The board states that the authors of this article have an “exciting and innovative approach to the theme of educational inclusion.”

In the justification for the award the NERA board mentions that this article is “resilient and original, opening up new perspectives in a field that has changed a lot in recent years due to socio-economic changes, new developments in school policy and increased migration. The article also provides interesting suggestions for a discussion that not only goes on in the Nordic countries, but also internationally. As such, the article provides an important contribution in both the Nordic and the international debate. The article is well structured, and is characterized by an analysis which is clear and consistent. The use of method is innovative and helps to grasp important details which have previously been overlooked.”

Dennis Beach, Marianne Dovemark, Anneli Schwartz, Elisabet Öhrn. 2013. Complexities and Contradictions of Educational Inclusion. A Meta-Ethnographic Analysis.
Nordic Studies in Education, Volume 33, Issue 4, Pages 254-268.

The abstract of the article is available at

The news on the Ahlström award was originally published on the NERA 2015 web site.