Marketisation of Education – seminars at the University of Helsinki and Trinity College Dublin


The “Marketisation of public education” was discussed during seminars at the University of Helsinki and Trinity College in Dublin . On Thursday 27 August Dr Maija Salokangas, assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, offered a critical examination to the implications of English academies at national and local levels, with a specific focus on academy teachers’ professional autonomy.

The seminar gave insights to processes of marketisation in education, and how these processes affect teacher autonomy. It also discussed the possibilities of ethnography for observing how national policy is interpreted in the busy day-to-day reality of schools.

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The summer school – new ideas and collaboration


JustEd summer school 2015 “A Nordic Model?” gathered together nearly 60 researchers and doctoral students to discuss social, economic, political and cultural aspects of justice and education in the Nordic countries and globally. The summer school week was composed of lectures, paper and poster sessions and workshops.

The majority of the doctoral students were from the Nordic countries, but there were a few participants who brought with them perspectives from overseas. Rita Harvey and Andrés Castro Samayoa are PhD students from University of Pennsylvania, and they attended the summer school for the first time – but hopefully not the last.

“I’m incredible grateful for this new experience” says Andrés Castro Samayoa. “What I benefited the most from during this summer school is to be exposed to different ideas and collaborating with other researchers in my field, and creating a sustainable network that has crystalized during this week.”

He pinpoints that the practice how the summer school is designed is very different from what he’s been exposed to in the US.

“I think it’s incredible helpful to get feedback on the paper that I had presented, it was basically a live peer review experience!”

He says he’d never experienced that before, and found it very unique and helpful.

Andrés Castro Samayoa loved collaborating with other researchers at the JustEd summer school .

Andrés Castro Samayoa loved collaborating with other researchers at the JustEd summer school .

Rita Harvey and Katarina Perander-Norrgård during one of the poster sessions.

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From economic justice to classroom practices – Day one at the JustEd Summer School

JustEd Summer School 2015 started with keynote talks, poster presentations and discussions around education, justice and the Nordic Model.
First keynote speaker of the day one, Professor Kalle Moene from the Centre of studies of Equality, Social Organization and Performance in the Nordic countries (ESOP), discussed issues related to economic justice and the Nordic model.

Grossman Pam 300 x 360
The second keynote speaker, Professor Pam Grossman, Dean of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, turned focus to the micro level of classroom practices and to the practice-based approach to teacher education.

The poster session gave the doctoral students an opportunity to get to know each other’s work.