Professor of Race, Faith and Culture Heidi Safia Mirza is keynote speaker at JustEd Conference

We’re happy to announce that Heidi Safia Mirza, Professor of Race, Faith and Culture, Goldsmiths College, University of London will be keynote speaker at JustEd Conference on 8–9 March 2016 in Helsinki.

“Her work is very relevant to the research interest of the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd,” director Gunilla Holm says.

Heidi Safia Mirza

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Gender, body, desire, and technology

Andreas Ottemo

Andreas Ottemo

Research on gender and technology often investigates the ‘failure’ of linking women/femininity to technology.

“In my PhD thesis I, instead, adopt a perspective inspired by queer theory and focus on norms that articulate masculinity with technology,” says PhD Andreas Ottemo, University of Gothenburg, and member of JustEd team 6.

“Considering the critique that research on gender and technology has failed to address sexuality, I emphasize explicitly the role of passion, desire, and heterosexuality in the production of connections between masculinity and technology,” Andreas explains.


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The new Lower Comprehensive School Teacher Education programme is a matter of social justice

As a result of close cooperation with the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd, the University of Helsinki has decided to create a Lower Comprehensive School Teacher Education programme in Swedish. Receiving its first students next autumn, the programme will focus on multilingualism, diversity, and social justice.

“Our vision is a permanent programme where both teachers and students will be involved in high profiled research. The programme will not only provide the students with a high level of knowledge, but also very practical examples that they will add to their toolbox when managing their own classes in the future,” says Fritjof Sahlström, University Lecturer at the University of Helsinki and part of JustEd team 3.

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“Learning to become a labour market citizen” – visiting scholar seminar at the University of Gothenburg

Lecture by Docent Sirpa Lappalainen from the University of Helsinki on Wednesday 21 October 2015 at 13:00-14:45 at the University of Gothenburg, Department of Education and Special Education (A1:311)

“In earlier decades, education was largely a national project, but more recently, it has been implicated in transnational, especially European policy-making. It is argued that education is designed now primarily to produce capable citizens for the trans-national labour-market. Based on three years’ ethnographic study in one vocational institute of Health care and social services, I reflect on how vocational students see their future in the presumed internationalising labour market,” Sirpa says.

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