New Nordic web page about gender in teacher education

Gender studies, addressed in relation to other dimensions of difference and (in)justice, is one of the foci in the studies of the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd. Many of the best known Nordic researchers in this field are JustEd members, one of them being Ylva Odenbring, who recently was promoted to Associate Professor of Education at the University of Gothenburg. Ylva is a member of the group who received funding from NordForsk for a spin-off project about Gender in Teacher Education.

“We will build a Nordic web page for teacher education and their students with resources for gender awareness in teaching,” says Ylva.

The inspiration for the emerging Nordic webpage is the Finnish site, which is a result of the latest Finnish national project on gender awareness in teacher education (2008–2011), led by Professor Elina Lahelma.

“Even though these issues have been discussed for a long time, we knew for a fact that in most universities it was possible to become a teacher without knowing anything about the responsibilities that gender equality legislation puts to teachers or about the excellent gender studies that have been conducted in Finland and elsewhere,” says Elina, who is one of the pioneers in the Nordic gender and education studies and one of the leaders of the spin-off project Gender in Teacher Education.

Professor Elina Lahelma is one of the pioneers in Nordic gender studies.

Professor Elina Lahelma is one of the pioneers in Nordic gender and education studies.

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The social costs and benefits of school choice in Sweden and Finland are presented in a new American book

A fruitful collaboration between JustEd team 1 and 2 has resulted in a book chapter in the newly published book ‘Education, Equity, Economy: Crafting a New Intersection’.

Janne Varjo and Mira Kalalahti

Janne Varjo and Mira Kalalahti

JustEd team members Janne Varjo, Mira Kalalahti and Lisbeth Lundahl has written the chapter ‘Recognizing and Controlling the Social Cost of school Choice’.

“It’s a book edited by Americans, and we didn’t really know what to expect. Normally, we write for European or Nordic audiences. It was nice to find out that the Americans bought our message, and they were very interested in hearing about our Nordic model,” says Janne Varjo.

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Getting accepted into upper secondary education is challenging for young people with special needs


“For many young people, regarded as having special educational needs, applying and being accepted into upper secondary education seems to be complex and challenging,” says Anna-Maija Niemi, member of JustEd team 4.

She will defend her doctoral dissertation at University of Helsinki on 18 December at 12:00.

In the dissertation she has focused on special needs education after basic education, particularly in the context of pre-vocational and vocational education and training. She analyses the positions of young people and the formation of their educational paths and choice-making.

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