Summer school 2016

Justice through Education (JustEd) Summer School is an annual intensive course, organised by the Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd. This year the theme is “Cultures of Justice” and is arranged in Gothenburg, 8-12 August at the Scandic Crown.

The course is full, but you are welcome to attend the open day at the JustEd summer school on Monday 8 August! See the Open day_SummerSchool2016 and fill in the online registration now to attend.

“The summer school, and the way how it brings together top researchers in the field and PhD students is valuable for all the participants and fosters future Nordic research collaborations,” says Professor Gunilla Holm, Director of  Nordic Centre of Excellence JustEd.

Scroll down for the titles of the lectures and workshops, or download the summer school 2016 programme for more detailed information on the summer school schedule and the abstracts of the lectures and workshops.

JustEd Summer School 2015 was arranged at Voksenåsen, Oslo.

JustEd Summer School 2015 at Voksenåsen, Oslo.


Theme: “Cultures of Justice”

What kind of social justice is desired, pursued and feasible in diverse educational systems and societies in the Nordic countries and globally? Different educational, political, legal, economic, religious and other social systems and institutions lean on different conceptualizations of social justice. Consequently, the diverse conceptualizations of social justice enable and are part of constituting a wide range of cultures of justice education. The diverse cultures of justice are again continuously shaped and re-shaped through everyday discourses and practices in different communities and contexts, such as schools and classrooms, cabinet meetings, youth organizations and recreation clubs.

In the summer school 2016, we will approach the multifaceted field of “cultures of justice” from a variety of disciplines, theories and viewpoints. On one hand, we will discuss broadly how social justice with regard to education is conceptualized and theorized. On the other hand, we will examine the policies and practices furthering or hindering justice in diverse formal and non-formal educational contexts. How does social justice materialize in institutions such as schools? How do people understand justice through their everyday life and lived educational experiences? And how do they act to further change?


The Summer School is composed of lectures and workshops as well as poster and paper sessions where students will have the opportunity to discuss and develop their own research project in collaboration with peers and experienced tutors.

The summer school programme includes the following lectures:

  • Practice What You Teach: Social Justice Education in the Classroom and the Streets
    Bree Picower, Assistant Professor, Montclair State University, USA.
  • Power, Agency and Academia
    Kristiina Brunila, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland, and Paola Valero, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden and Aalborg University, Denmark.
  • Researching Cultures of Education InJustice: Conditions of Precarity
    Marianne Dovemark, Professor, and Dennis Beach, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Roundtable: Rethinking class analysis: consolidation, renewal or abandonment?
    Confirmed participants include: Chair of the session, Dennis Beach, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; Ina Juva, Doctoral students, University of Helsinki, Finland; Mattias Nylund, University lecturer, University of Gothenburg; Elisabet Öhrn, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Urban education in the Nordic countries
    Elisabet Öhrn, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

and workshops:

  • The Unexamined Whiteness of Teaching: Understanding teachers’ oppositional stances and what we can do to interrupt them.
    Facilitator: Bree Picower, Assistant Professor, Montclair State University, USA.
  • Discourse, power and agency.
    Facilitators: Kristiina Brunila, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki and Paola Valero, Professor, Stockholm University, Sweden and Aalborg University, Denmark.
  • Cultures of Disability and the problem of Social Justice and Solidarity in Education.
    Facilitators: Antti Teittinen, research manager and Katariina Hakala, Senior researcher, The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (FAIDD).
  • Education justice and precarity, the methodological challenges.
    Facilitators: Dennis Beach, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden; and Marianne Dovemark, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Building up intersectional analysis on gendered cultures of injustice.
    Facilitators: Sirpa Lappalainen, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki; and Ylva Odenbring, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg.
  • What might democratic learnings spaces in Schools and Preschools be?
    Facilitators: Anette Hellman and Johannes Lunneblad, Associate Professors, University of Gothenburg.
  • Multilingual classrooms as cultures of justice – how, for whom and the meaning of the context?
    Facilitators: Joke Dewilde, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Oslo; Associate professor II, Hedmark University of Applied Sciences; and Anna Slotte, University lector, associate professor, University of Helsinki
  • A social dimension in the Nordic higher education
    Facilitators: Ulpukka Isopahkala-Bouret, Senior university lecturer, and Sonja Kosunen, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki.
  • Examining the colonial histories and intersectionalities with regard to contemporary migration movement
    Facilitator: Zahra Bayati, Senior university lecturer, University of Gothenburg

Active student participation and in-class interaction will be encouraged throughout the course. The Summer School will be held in English. Participants who complete the Summer School successfully will receive 5 ECTS credits.

Who can attend?

The course is open for PhD students from different disciplines in education. Students’ research projects should relate to questions on how education contributes to further or hinder justice.

Preference will be given to students whose research has a Nordic perspective and to students at the beginning or middle of their studies. Membership in the JustEd excellence centre will be taken into account in the selection procedure but is not a prerequisite.


Registration fee of 100 euro. Accommodation (in shared double room) and most meals will be provided free of charge. The NCoE JustEd will also contribute towards covering travel costs (up to a total of 300 euro).

The Summer School is funded by NordForsk’s programme Education for Tomorrow.

How to apply?

Deadline to apply to the summer school was 23 March, 2016.


The applicants have received information on their acceptance through e-mail in April 2016.


JustEd coordinator Tuija Veintie (, tel. +358-50 4160494)