uusi oma kuva

Professor of Economics

Current research interests: ethics and economics, entrepreneurship, public finance, corporate finance, evolutionary studies.

Career in brief:

I studied at the London School of Economics in 1972-73, working within macroeconomic theory and monetary economics, topics that I was also teaching as Visiting Assistant Professor at Brown University and Washington State University in 1977-79. Most of my academic life, I have been working at the University of Helsinki. In research, I subsequently moved to public finance, corporate finance and entrepreneurship. I have given courses at Uppsala University, the University of Munich and at Hamburg University. I am a research fellow at CESifo in Munich. My latest research and teaching have been focused on ethics and economics.

Hobbies: singing, hiking, skiing, dancing, summer cottage, badminton, ping-pong, home and abroad. I write and publish short stories. I have been singing two CDs, i.e. a collection of evergreens of the 1950s and poetry written by my grandfather 100 years ago.