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Workshop 2017


Helsinki University and the Finnish Center for Pensions organize a


Workshop for PhD students:

“Life-course influences on retirement: Researchers’ and stakeholders’ perspectives”

Helsinki, Finland, May 17-19, 2017


Population ageing draws more and more attention to retirement. On the one hand, the number of retirees increases and retirement becomes a more prominent part of life. As a result, people nowadays develop a distinct retirement lifestyle and retirees become more diverse. On the other hand, societies, states and markets need to adapt to the increasing number of retirees, for example by reforming pension policies. Life-course scholars underline that the situation in old age depends on what happened earlier during people’s lives. In other words: to understand retirement we need to look at people’s youth and middle-age, and to influence retirement we need to start at an early age. This workshop explores life-course influences on the different aspects of retirement. Example topics are:

  • how working careers influence retirement age and pensions,
  • how childhood living conditions influence health and well-being after retirement,
  • how cumulative (dis)advantages shape social inequalities in retirement,
  • how life-course influences affect care arrangement and family structures during retirement, and
  • how social policies shape life-course influences on retirement.


Workshop content

During the workshop, PhD students will have the chance to present their research and get feedback from senior researchers working in this field. Moreover, the PhD students will learn about stakeholder engagement, which is a dialogue between researchers and the people who will be affected by the findings of the research. Such a dialogue greatly enhances the societal impact of research, and more and more funding agencies demand it from researchers who apply for funding. One workshop session will train PhD students in how to set up a stakeholder engagement. Additionally, the PhD students will have the opportunity to participate in an actual stakeholder dialogue with senior researchers and practitioners on the relevance of life-course influences on retirement.


Some of the senior researchers acting as discussants are:

  • Traute Mayer, University of Southampton, United Kingdom,
  • em. Jorma Sipilä, University of Tampere, Finland,
  • Dirk Hofäcker, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, and
  • Jonas Radl, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.


Some of the participants in the stakeholder dialogue are:

  • Joakim Palme, Uppsala University, Sweden,
  • Anna D’Addio (OECD), and
  • representatives of the Finnish Center for Pensions, a Finnish trade union for higher education and a mutual pension insurance.


How to apply

The application deadline for the workshop has expired. Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection process by the end of February.


For further inquiries, email prof. Kathrin Komp kathrin.komp [at] .


The workshop is organized by Helsinki University, the Finnish Center for Pensions, the Research Network on Ageing in Europe, the European Social Policy Analysis Network, and the Finnish Social Policy Association.


The workshop is sponsored by the



The call text in the pdf-format is available here.