Kronos is an association of the history students at the Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki. All History Majors are automatically members.

Kronos was founded in 1945, which makes it one of the oldest faculty organizations at the university. Currently there are about 500 more or less active Kronos members. Membership is free of charge.

What does Kronos do?

Of course, like all good student associations, Kronos arranges parties. It also organizes tutoring for new students, trips and excursions both in Finland and abroad, manages several sports teams and publishes the prize-winning quarterly Kronikka (unfortunately available in Finnish only).

On the more idealistic front, Kronos fights for its students’ rights at the University of Helsinki.

How to contact Kronos?

The headquarters of Kronos are located in the very heart of Helsinki, Unioninkatu 38 A. The postal address is Kronos ry, PL59, 00014 University of Helsinki. It is situated next to the main University Library building. You can find us in the Students’ Lounge on the second floor (room ‘Opiskelijoiden huone’).

Most of our parties and other meetings are at the New Student House. For info on where to have a blast, you might want to join our parties which are famous all over the town!

If you are not in Helsinki, there are several ways by which you can contact Kronos. You can contact our officers by e-mail either by sending e-mail to one of them or by sending an e-mail to our mailing list kronos-info(at)helsinki.fi.


Kronos’ mailing list for foreign and exchange students

Kronos-info is a mailing list devoted to the needs of our members. The list is your own channel of communication on the internet. The list is open to all students, Finnish and foreign ones, although the language is mostly Finnish. The list is moderated by Kronos’ Information Officer. If you need further help, you are welcome to contact the administration of Kronos at kronos-hallitus(at)helsinki.fi, where you can also write in English.

To join the discussions and to get the news on what’s happening and where (the main benefit of the list) here’s a short step-by-step guide. Joining has never been easier!

How to join the list?

This is as simple as it gets.

* Step 1: Send an email to majordomo(at)helsinki.fi.
->DO NOT write anything to the subject field
->The contents of your email should ONLY be: subscribe kronos-info
* Step 2: You should get a welcoming message from majordomo. This way you know that your subscription has been successful. The message also explains the rules of the message board.
* Step 3: Congratulations! You are now a proud member of the kronos-info mailing list! Now you will get more or less regular news and information concerning Kronos, studies etc.

How to unsubscribe from kronos-info?

Send an email to majordomo(at)helsinki.fi

* DO NOT write anything to the subject field
* The contents of your email should ONLY be: unsubscribe kronos-info
* You’ll get reply from majordomo and you will no longer receive any Kronos-related messages.